Laminated Glass

FGI Safety Glass ProductsLaminated Glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer via a controlled, highly pressurised and industrial heating process. The lamination process results in the glass panels holding together in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of harm. Laminated Glass is classified as Grade A Safety Glass. There are several laminated glass types manufactured using different glass and interlay options that produce a variety of strength and security requirements.

Heat Strengthened Glass

FGI Security Glass ProductsHeat Strengthened Glass is glass that has been heat treated to induce surface compression, but not to the extent of causing it to “dice” on breaking in the manner of tempered glass. On breaking, heat-strengthened glass breaks into large pieces. Heat Strengthened glass is intermediate in strength between annealed & toughened glasses.

Toughened Safety Glass

FGI Toughened Glass Products
FGI Laminated Glass ProductsToughened Safety Glass is a safety glass that has increased strength and will usually shatter in small, pieces when broken. It is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations.

FGI Tufglas Safety Glass is fabricated by heating annealed glass to over 600 C and cooling it rapidly, which locks the outer surfaces of the glass in a state of high compression, and the core or centre of the glass in compensating tension.

FGI Tempered Glass Products

In the event of breakage the particles are small and are relatively harmless compared with the sharp splinters resulting from the breakage of annealed glass. The toughening process also greatly reduces the risk of thermal breakage. FGI Tufglas is up to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness, making it an ideal safety or security glass. Tufglas complies with AS/NZ 2208 – Safety glazing materials in buildings and AS/NZ 2080 – Safety glazing for land vehicles. Tufglas is available in Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low Iron, Matlucent Etched, Textured, Colorsmart, Thermocolour, Conceale, Nanoclear and KlymetShield Low E glass types.

FGI Tuflas safety Glass is ideal for:

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FGI Security Glass complies with Australian Standards.

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