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1. In the case of double glazing, EnviroClear™ clear float glass or KlymetShield™ low emissivity glass (Low E) is used as the backing glass, i.e Grey 6.38mm lam +12mm air + 6mm clear float (or 6mm clear low E where specified).

2. Values are calculated using LBL Windows 5.2 software to NFRC-100 - 2001 conditions.

3. Where # appears next to the product name this indicates the position of the coated surface of the glass. 

4. Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior face of the building, the first thickness indicated is the outer glass thickness, 12 is the airspace and then the thickness of the inner panel.

5. The values given are centre of glass values and the performance will differ to that of a window assembly using these products. Window frames, gaps, etc. will affect the performance of a whole assembly.

6. The above information to the best of our knowledge accurate, however Flat Glass Industries Limited disclaims any liability for loss or damage arising from such data.

7. It is recommended that a thermal assessment be carried out prior to specifying any type of performance glass to determine risk of thermal breakage.

Definitions of Values                    

1. Visible Trans. - Percentage of visible light that can pass directly through the glass - the higher the value the more visible light that will pass through.

2. Visible Refl. - Percentage of visible light that is reflected.

3. Solar Trans. - Percentage of solar energy and normal incident light passing through the glass.

4. Solar Refl. - Percentage of solar energy and normal incident light reflected out.

4. UV trans. - Percentage of UV light transmitted measured in the light range of 300 - 380nm. The lower the number the better.

5. U Value - measured in watts per m2 per degree Celsius (w/m2°C) and is a measure of the rate of heat gain or loss through the glass.

6. Shading Co. - Shading coefficient is the ratio of solar heat gain through the glass relative to that through 3mm clear glass. The lower the number the better the performance.

7. SHGC - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient - The proportion of total solar radiation that is transferred through the glass at normal incidence, it comprises the direct solar transmission (3. Solar Trans.) and part of the solar absorption dissipated inwards by radiation and convection. The lower the number the better the solar performance.

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