The Décor range provides a variety of design options for both internal and external applications, enabling creative style to be expressed in a dynamic, functional and cost effective way.

Whether your preference is for striking colours, subtle variations in shade, light or texture, or simply the ability to make a building particularly unique; this range of products allows you to create a level of ambience, appearance or functionality unmatched by any other material.


At the flick of a switch Concéale switchable glass provides instant, on demand control of privacy for a broad range of both residential and commercial applications. Naturally opaque with the power turned off, with the power turned on Concéale immediately changes from opaque to clear with full visibility.


A tempered decorative glass with a UV resistant ceramic coating applied which permanently fuses to the glass surface during the tempering process. This process results in a highly durable, weather resistant and permanent coloured coating on the glass which is ideal for external facades and cladding.

DécorSafe ™

White painted designer panels with a special vinyl backing applied to the back of the glass, providing a Grade A safety rating.


High quality float glass which has been etched on one side to create a beautiful, even, satin finish. Ideal for a number of internal applications where high light transmission and subtle privacy are key considerations.


Stunning, optimum quality low iron glass providing maximum transparency and true colour transmission across a large range of residential and commercial applications.

ColorSmart ™

A range of bold, vibrant painted glass panels ideal for both internal and external applications including wall cladding, splash backs and spandrel applications.


A digital image based laminated glass which re-defines the process of creative expression for both internal and external applications.

EnVision™ Natural Elements

EnVision™ Natural Elements is a specific range of digitally printed ceramic glass designs.


Copper free mirrored glass range of outstanding quality, offering excellent levels of reflectivity, and superior levels of corrosion resistance and surface adhesion.


Decorative patterned glass providing not only a broad range of thicknesses, styles and surface textures, but also high levels of light diffusion, privacy and obscuration.