Glass has become one of the most important elements in a buildings envelope in terms of its ability to offer passive levels of solar control and thermal insulation; playing a pivotal and cost effective role in a buildings’ overall energy efficiency, energy management programs and occupier comfort.


A range of high performance double glazed units (IGU) offering outstanding thermal insulation and high levels of natural light transmission

OptEma™ Plus

OptEma™ Plus helps to both optimise a windows overall level of energy efficiency performance and provide some of the most thermally efficient residential window and door systems


A range of energy efficient Insulated Glass Units incorporating high performance glass products sourced from some of the World’s leading glass manufacturers.

KlymetControl™ Plus

With a number of significant bespoke benefits, KlymetControl™ Plus is perfectly positioned to play an integral role in setting the new standard for even the most demanding commercial glazing installations.


An energy efficient, Low E coated glass range designed for use as a single glazed product or as part of an IGU in both commercial and residential applications.


A range of toned glass products for reducing both the amount of solar radiation entering a building and restricting the amount of glare.

EnviroTone™ +

A range of superior performing toned glass products, providing improved levels of solar control, occupier comfort and glare control.