KlymetControl™ Plus


  • Superior structural integrity under extreme loading and outstanding levels of durability and resistance to weathering.
  • Incorporates the high performance warm edge OptEseal IGU spacer which reduces conductive heat transfer and improves the overall window thermal insulation properties.
  • Manufactured in Australia to both AS 4666 and EN 1279 Pt2 using World class IGU production facilities
  • Broad range of performance characteristics and aesthetics contingent on the IGU glass components selected
  • Available with both Polysulphide and Silicone secondary seal options.
  • Suitable for both architectural and structural glazing applications.


  • Minimises heat loss by reducing the ‘thermal bridge’ at the edge of a glazed IGU, where the majority of heat loss occurs from IGU’s incorporating an aluminium spacer.
  • The effective blocking of the heat path through the non metallic silicone IGU spacer supports the role of the glazing in further reducing the overall heat transfer through the glazed window in both Winter and Summer; helping to reduce both heat loss as well as heat gain.
  • The silicone based thermoset polymers in the OptEseal spacer incorporate crosslinks which become permanently set during manufacture enabling the spacer to have 100% memory. That means a  KlymetControl™ Plus IGU will always return to its original shape; that’s important when balancing the high levels of  potentially extreme environmental loading with the need for long term integrity and durability.
  • Superior spacer to glass adhesion promotes greater structural integrity and bigger, heavier glass panels.
  • The robotically applied OptEseal spacer provides clean, perfectly flat sightlines with consistent 90⁰ corners to ensure maximum aesthetic appeal and performance.


  • Low, medium and high rise external facades
  • Structural Glazing
  • Roof Glazing
  • Atriums
  • Airports
  • Sports stadiums
  • Shopping Centres
  • Car showrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Swimming Pools

KlymetControl™ Plus incorporates the OptEseal warm edge spacer within an IGU providing outstanding levels of solar control, thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency for commercial building envelopes. It also offers enhanced structural integrity combined with sustainability, durability and UV stability. 

KlymetControl™ Plus is perfectly positioned to play an integral role in setting the new standard for even the most demanding commercial glazing installations.

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