• One of the highest performing residential double glazed units available
  • Choice of glass combinations to help improve safety, security, privacy, fading due to UV and noise reduction as well as overall comfort levels.  
  • Manufactured to both AS 4666 and EN 1279 Pt2
  • Locally manufactured and readily available


  • Very high levels of light transmission with outstanding overall energy efficiency
  • OptEma’s high performance characteristics increases the glazed area of the home when compared to normal clear glass
  • Available in an overall thickness of between 14mm and 32mm to suit most window and door framing suites
  • Helps manage the internal environment of the home by helping to control the amount of light and heat entering the home and the amount of heat leaving the home.
  • Argon gas filled IGU space as standard to improve thermal insulation performance
  • Increases the amount of room space available by minimising cold down draughts near the inside of the window


  • Fully framed residential windows and doors.
  • Rooflights

The OptEma™ range of high performance double glazed units (IGU) offers high levels of natural light transmission with outstanding levels of thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency. OptEma™ helps to manage heat flow to make your home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter whilst allowing the room to bathe in very high levels of natural light. Available in a broad range of glazing options, OptEma™ is the IGU solution for residential new build and renovation projects.

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