OptEma™ Plus


  • Incorporates the high performance, warm edge OptEseal IGU spacer
  • Assessed by the WERS program to help provide some of the most energy efficient window suites available in Australia
  • Choice of glass combinations to help improve safety, security, privacy, fading due to UV and noise reduction as well as further improve comfort levels.


  • Offers the perfect blend of high levels of light transmission with exceptional levels of thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency.
  • Minimises heat loss by reducing the ‘thermal bridge’ at the edge of a glazed IGU where the majority of heat loss occurs with IGU’s incorporating an aluminium spacer.
  • There is no metallic spacer in an OptEma™ Plus IGU, helping to reduce overall heat transfer through the glazed window in both Winter and Summer.
  • The Low E coating within the IGU working in combination with the low thermal conductivity OptEseal spacer improves and equalises the overall temperature of the glass surface, minimising down draughts, significantly reducing the opportunity for condensation to form and maximising living space in the room.
  • The thermoset silicone based material used in the OptEseal spacer reduces sealant stress, in turn providing improved durability by better accommodating the natural expansion and contraction of the IGU.
  • The robotically applied OptEseal spacer provides clean, perfectly flat sightlines with consistent 90⁰ corners to ensure maximum aesthetic appeal.
  • Significantly reduces the opportunity for condensation to form, in turn minimising the opportunity for bacteria and mould to develop.


  • Fully framed residential windows and doors.
  • Rooflights

By combining the range of solutions offered by the OptEma suite of products with the added benefits of the OptEseal warm edge IGU spacer, OptEma™ Plus helps to both optimise a windows overall level of energy efficiency performance and provide some of the most thermally efficient residential window and door systems currently available in Australia.

Offering a number of bespoke performance and aesthetic benefits, OptEma™ Plus is helping to create both a new generation of high performance residential windows and doors as well as a much more energy efficient future.

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