The FGI range of safety glass products is specifically designed to enhance the mechanical and thermal strength of the glass and/or reduce the potential for injury due to either accidental or deliberate glass breakage. These products also act as the platform for the range of FGI security glass products, providing further levels of protection in a range of specialist safety and security applications.


A toughened Grade A safety glass to AS2208 that has 4-5 times the strength of standard annealed glass of a similar thickness. Used in a broad range of applications where strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations, the vast majority of FGI glass products are available as Tufglas.

TufGlas™ HSK

A heat soaked toughened glass to AS2208 designed to minimize any potential breakage due to nickel sulphide (NiS) inclusions.


A Grade A range of laminated glass to AS2208 with a .38mm or .76mm interlayer available in thicknesses between 5.38mm and 12.76mm as standard.


A heat strengthened glass offering twice the thermal strength of standard annealed glass of similar thickness, Resista is ideal for applications where additional resistance to wind loads and thermal stress is required without the need for a Grade A safety glass.


Panoramic is a suite of Grade A safety glass panels which fulfils the relevant requirements of the building code across a number of applications requiring either ‘deemed to satisfy’ or ‘alternative solution’ glazed balustrade solutions.