• Flat distortion free surface with twice the mechanical strength of annealed float glass coupled with additional thermal resistance
  • Often used in lieu of toughened glass in custom laminates to provide a flatter finish than that offered by a fully toughened custom laminate
  • Resista cannot be considered a safety glass in accordance with AS1288 and is not suitable for applications where resistance to human impact is required


  • If broken, breaks into larger pieces than fully toughened glass with the pieces usually staying in the frame
  • Can provide a suitable alternative to toughened glass in spandrel glass applications
  • Does not suffer from spontaneous breakage attributed to nickel sulphide (NiS) inclusions
  • Flatter finish offers less visual distortion than toughened glass of a similar thickness


  • Curtain walls
  • Building façades of medium to high rise commercial buildings
  • Spandrel panels

A heat strengthened glass offering twice the thermal strength of standard annealed glass of similar thickness, Resista is ideal for applications where additional resistance to wind loads and thermal stress is required without the need for a Grade A safety glass.

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